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The Price Shopper

Welcome to The Price Shopper- Funeral and Cremation Industry


Basic Plan $1,200/ Year

You will receive one (1) call at random once a month for one year and the recording will be sent to you.

Triple A Plan (Start Up Plan) $2,000/ Year

Start up plan includes the Basic Plan and an additional 2 extra calls per month for 2 months. This plan supports our education plan. 

  • Month 1 (Analyze) Receive three (3) recording calls. Analyze them and come up with a training plan based on the recordings and goals for your company.
  • Month 2 (Advise) Receive 1 call this month. This is the month you start your price shopper training and let your team know they will be shopped.
  • Month 3 (Accountability) Receive three (3) recorded calls. This is when you can meet one on one with your staff and hold them accountable for the training they received! 
  • Months 4-12 (Accountability) You receive one (1) recorded call each month.

This is great for focusing your efforts right at the beginning so your staff will have a solid foundation.

Additional Calls needed $150/ Call

Don't forget it there is ever a time where you need an additional price shopping call please let us know! You have the freedom to tell us time and date to call and it can be done!

NEW- Price Shopping Competitors (Add On) $600/ Year

Competitor Calls

  • Know what your competitors are saying to the community during their price shopping calls!
  • Receive Recorded price shopping calls every other month from your competitor.